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An amazing 200 km stretch of fine white sand beaches. It just goes on and on and on. &url=http://i-love-aquitaine.blogsp... Bordeaux was recently put on UNESCOs list of world heritage. An incredibly beautiful city, full of history and culture, ... Dordogne is like a fairytale with 1001 castles and a hilly landscape. Here the Milandes castle. &url=http://i-love-aquit... The Rhune mountain is an emblematic picture to represent the beautiful mountains in this region. &url=http://i-love-aqui... The Arcachon Bay is a nursery for baby oysters. It is also a magical place where the tide rules the lives of everyone, n... The French Pays Basque coast alternates rough cliffs and sandy beaches, with the Pyrenees as a background. Simply stunni... Maybe I'm not the best suited to spread the word, but here you find lots of cool designer clothes and local craftmanship... Photo from the 114 metres high Pyla Sand Dune which attracts a million visitors every year. Incredible view over the sea... For 331 villages I counted 331 festivals. Think that tell much of the story. And when the Bayonne festival starts, over ... In Landes you find Europe's biggest forest. Dominated by planted pine trees, it's a place to breathe, smell the pines, g... In wintertime the ski stations open. Genuine mountain villages, genuine mountain food... &url=http://i-love-aquitaine.bl... This is like a secret garden, lush and filled with aromas. This is genuine countryside France, a gem that not many touri... The cuisine of Southwest of France is legendary. Foie gras, duck, seafood, wine. You can't go wrong. But maybe put on a ... Retreated from the Atlantic coast you find several big lakes. They were once rivers, but got their exit towards the sea ... Aquitaine has some of the worlds most prestigious wine castles. Bordeaux goes without mention, but there are so many oth... Everybody loves rugby here in the Southwest of France. I love the rugbymen. &url=http://i-love-aquitaine.blogspot.com/se... Course landaise is a medieval tradition where you jump over an attacking cow. Nothing to do with corrida, the cows are p... Aquitaine is the home of the surfing in France with some of the best spots in the world. It looks difficult, but anyone ...
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